Travertine is a natural stone that originates in groundwater and streams just below the earth’s surface. Formed when calcium carbonate precipitates from heavily concentrated calcium ion groundwater, each piece of travertine has its own natural texture and pattern, bringing a unique look to commercial natural stone design. Contractors, designers and architects use travertine on countertops, walls and flooring, as well as, exterior spaces and hardscape accents. Travertine tile is perfect for high traffic areas and complements any architectural design from rustic to contemporary. Wisconsin Granite & Tile offers a wide selection of travertine slabs and tiles that will add a subtle elegance to your next new construction or renovation project


Marble has unique patterns and colors provide an unsurpassed elegance to floors, walls, structural columns and staircases.  Designers and contractors choose marble for its durability, strength, and lasting beauty, plus it is highly valued for its resistance to fire. It complements classic and contemporary architecture, and is a perfect choice for new construction and renovation projects. Wisconsin Granite & Tile offers  a wide variety of marble for commercial building and remodeling projects.